Breather Valve with Flame Arrester


Breather Valve with Flame Arrester

The model KSBBFI and KSBSFI pressure vacuum valves with flame arresters are advanced designs for vent to atmosphere applications.
Designed manufactured and tested according to the API 2000 code,BS7244, and EN12874 these valves utilize the latest technologies to provide protection against positive or vacuum over pressure and prevent air intake, evaporative losses of product and help to contain odorous and potentially explosive vapours


Model KSBBFI /BSFI, which is used for the protector of the fluid storage tank, is composed of one body with the functions of pressure relief, vacuum relief, and block the external repellent fire.
This consists of the flame arrester which blocks the external repellent fire, the function of discharge the overpressure developed during intake air to the storage tank, and the function of intake the air under constant pressure during unloading. And this is the safety valve to prevent the many kinds of storage tanks from deflation (vacuum), inflation ( pressure ), and fire.
The standard flame cell is suitable for NEC group D or IEC IIA gases, Cells for other gas groups are available as additional extras.
The KSBBFI is a weighted pallet model designed to handle pressure and vacuum with a minimum pressure of +/-20mmW.C and a maximum setting of + 700/-430 mmW.C
The KSBSFI is a spring-loaded model designed to handle pressure and vacuum with a minimum pressure of +/-700mmW.C and a maximum setting of +/- 9,000mmW.C.
Body materials are available in Aluminium, Carbon Steel, 304SS and 316SS with various trims to suit individual requirements.
Sizes range from 50mm through to 350mm with ANSI 150lb flanges as standard.
(Different connections available on request).

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