1201 VR Series


1201 VR Series

The top loading arm is an articulated piping supported by a mechanical balancing (torsion or compression spring) or pneumatic system, which is used to transfer fuels or industrial liquids in tankers and railway tanks through the top manholes.
The 1201 series top loading arms are used to fill tankers from above where it is necessary to have a wide range of action available. This allows maximum covering of the loading points. In addition, the vapor recovery version permits the return of vapors in the line through a dedicated pipe.

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Standard configuration
- Right-hand layout, bottom inlet, ANSI 150 connecting flange.
- Carbon steel high resistance swivel style F-20 with carbon steel boom pipe.
- Double swing base swivel style F-50.
- Torsion Spring Balancing unit.
- Loading Valve “ stay open ” or ” Hold Open ” type.
- Secondary Pipe made of aluminium alloy TTMA flanged.
- Valve Remote Control.
- Drop Pipe Swivel style F-40.
- Drop Pipe made of aluminium alloy, TTMA flanged which holds an aluminium Vapour recovery cone covered with vulcanized rubber resistant to aromatics and high temperatures.
- Drip pan made of aluminium alloy.

Standards and Regulations
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive PED for Pressure Equipment.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive ATEX for Equipment used in Potentially explosive atmospheres.
- Conformity Declaration of current Directive MACHINERY.
- Customs Declaration of certification for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, EAC certification.

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